This open source map server publishes geodata according to OGC's WMS 1.1.1 specification.
Currently, the server supports the WMS requests GetMap, GetCapabilities and GetFeatureInfo.

The solution is based on open source tools, i.e. Apache web server, PHP with libraries, MySQL database together with phpMyAdmin and Ajax, XML.

The server dynamically generates vector map files in SVG, SVGT, SWF and PDF formats and raster map files in PNG, JPEG, GIF and WBMP formats from spatial data in a database depending on the request parameters given by the client.

The application is developed in PHP scripting language and are designed for use with a MySQL database.

The files can be viewed through any browser (recommended the Internet Explorer web browser) with the SVG Viewer which can be downloaded free from Adobe's web site

SUAS MapServer is distributed under the Lesser General Public License. This can be read at Before continuing, you must first agree to this license.