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WKT Format for SUAS MapServer

WKT Format for SUAS MapServeri

Dr. Franz-Josef Behr, Karlsruhe,
franz-josef.behr [at] hft[minus]stuttgart[dot]de

Generally spoken geographical entities can be interpreted to belong to one of these categories:

  • points,
  • lines,
  • polygons.

Each geometry type has a so-called Well-known Text Representation that can be easily generated and parsed by programs and human beings as well.

Data Processing -- SVG Data

SVG map could be downloaded anywhere for testing. Or using special GIS software to create. be continue.

Setting -- Check Log

If you open record log function, the errors when SUAS is working will be recorded in log.txt file in suas root. You could download this file to check the error, or check it online, and you could clear it because of the storage limitation on your server host.

Advanced Setting -- Config Setting

The server host name, user name and table name, metadata and cache setting is in the config.php file.
This is the fastest way to modify the data.

Setting -- Cahce Clear

If you open cache function, SUAS will create cache files in your server, this files could be be deleted automatically after one period of running time. You need clear it menually.

1, if you select all, all of the cache will be cleared.
2, If you have updated your database, you need deleted the cache files three days ago, you could choose the date from to.
If the From date is empty, the default date is 01/01/1970.

Advanced Setting -- Global Setting

The inportant configuration is stored in global.php file.

 * @description :When you input very large data into database, please set the value a big number
 * It avoid abort the data processing when the execution time is out, unit is second.
 * But you need run PHP not in safe mode, otherwise this will not work!
 * Please open php.ini and set safe_mode to off.
 * safe_mode = Off
$maxTimeOutLimit = 1800;//seconds


Setting -- Style&Metadata Setting

If you have not impoted new data into database, you could click the link in the setting.php and set the style defination directly, it is not necessary to access database.

But notice, if you have imported new data, you must run the style setting after the data importing, you need set the style for the new layers.

Setting -- General Setting

Same as the installation, you can edit the metadata you have set before.
Need Table Setting before this step.

After that, you can import data or set style defination.

Setting -- Table Setting

After selecting the database, one table can be selected or be deleted.
Need Database Setting before this step.

And then you need to check the table structure, whether it has the same structure as the standard.

If the structure is different, you are not allowed to continue.

Setting -- Database Setting

Setting -- Database Setting

The configuration of setting is very similar to the installation, you can delete the database or table you have createn. If you have changed the setting folder's name, please go directly your new setting folder and run setting.php

You can select the database you are using currently (with red text notice.).