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List Picker&DropDown List for WP7

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Here are some doc&source code for  List Picker&DropDown List in WP7:

Android USB driver for HTC Desire S

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In android developing i found Eclipse ADT can not detect my new HTC Desire S, even i have updated the newest USB driver from Google. Someone said it need HTC Sync. But i found it is not necessary, you can find the HTC USB driver here:

HTC Android USB Driver for Microsoft PC

 install and everything works fine!

Optimizing JavaScript code

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Optimizing JavaScript code

Authors: Gregory Baker, Software Engineer on GMail & Erik Arvidsson, Software Engineer on Google Chrome

Recommended experience: Working knowledge of JavaScript

Client-side scripting can make your application dynamic and active, but the browser's interpretation of this code can itself introduce inefficiencies, and the performance of different constructs varies from client to client. Here we discuss a few tips and best practices to optimize your JavaScript code.

How to Add Logging to Ant Builds

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The Apache Ant build tool is a great aid in automating builds and deployments.
When the build fails, however, diagnosing the problem can be painful -
especially if it only occurs intermittently. Logging details of the Ant
build can therefore be useful.

Downgrade .net Framework to CF 2.0

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I have one project with .net framework 3.5, now i need to downgrade the framework version to 2.0.
But i can not find how to do this in Visual Studio 2008.

So i found this:
find your projectname.csproj, open it with text editor and find:

change it to 2.0 and open the project, fix the compile error. Easy.....

About how to roll back from VS2008 project to VS2005 project, refer to please:

Test Push service with MDS and BlackBerry Widgets

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 You will find the both push demo and the blackberry widgets demo soure here:

I have done everything following the tuturial step by step, but when i tried to send push data using the push demo, i always get the "400 Response error' from local MDS server.
Logs:  400 PushServlet: FAILED -#06 The specified delivery method is not possible

(T)Android - Driving Direction (Route Path)

The DrivingDirection package ( is
removed since Android SDK 1.1. However, in this article, you will leanr
how to adopt driving direction function in
MapView object without the DrivingDirection package.

Read more:


Get boundary coodinate from Google static map

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We can use the following url to create one static google map image:
"" + lat + "," + lng + "&format="
+ format + "&zoom=" + zoom + "&size=" + width + "x" + height + "&key=" + apiKey;

How could know the boundary coordinate information of this image?
What we know:
1. center latitude/longitude point where map centered on
2. map image's total pixel width/height
3. map zoom level.

Some Andorid WMS clients

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1. gvSIG Mini is a free viewer of many On/Offline Maps:
- OpenStreetMap
- Yahoo
- Microsoft Bing
- Google Maps
- Ordnance Survey (UK)
- Yandex (RU)
- etc

It also has interesting features, such as:
- WMS & WMS-C Client
- Route calculation
- Address/POI search
- Share location (twitter, SMS, e-mail, facebook, ...)
- GPS, cell & WiFi location
- Navigation mode
- Compass support
- Street View integration
- Layer configuration downloader
- QuickZoom: SlideBar or DoubleTap
- Android 2.1 support (now from 1.5 up to 2.1)


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