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OpenLayer with google map problem


I have a web page that contais 2 layers from WMS , with google map.
I have a problem when trying to zoom in or zoomout , when i do that , the layers positions changed , and when I turn them off then on they come back again to there correct positions..

Can any one please help me ?

One More Thing : I'm thinking of making an event for zoom , so once the user uses zoom , a redraw for layers will happen , this is just what i was thinking of ..

Kind Regards


Problems installing SUAS map server in XP

I am following EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED the installation procedure suggested in "30 Minutes to Build Your Own Map Server with SUAS MapServer 3" but unfortunatly without success.

When I perform the last step "Please select one viewer to browse the map", the only response I get is the contains of an XML document in my browser, instead of the expected map. It seems that the viewer does not recognize the map server data it receives.

I double-checked the and repeated the whole procedure but no luck.

Has anybody other encountered the same problems ?


SUAS Map Server Version 4 coming soon

Sorry for long time not update SUAS map server, but good news is new version of SUAS is coming soon!

Multi-user System, multi-WMS server setting, easy to install.....

1. Create multi WMS server (here called Atlas)

2. Easily set the metadata for one WMS server


SUAS MapServer 3.21.1213 beta1 released!

Hi folks,
After half year of silence, I am happy to release the new version of SUAS here.
3.21.1213 beta1 has the following new features:

1, Arcinfo E00 data importing
Now you can import E00 data into database.

2, not too much new features, I have improved the user capabilities and the interface, the lovely button in the above image is one example. Javascript was heavily used to do that.


SUAS MapServer 3.20.0625 beta2 released!

Hi folks,
I am happy to release the new version of SUAS here.
3.20.0625 beta2 has the following new features:

1,  SVG Map Viewer

Using the SVG WMS viewer from, now SUAS map server has SVG map viewer. Please go to Map Viewers in Demo page, you will find Carto SVG Viewer in the bottom.

Pan, Zoom, position and overview basic functions are being included.




I am working on Sharpmap AjaxMap Control. On AjaxMap Control my map is being displayed. I want's to add OverviewMap on it. Can u Suggest me How Can i do it...
Thanks !


SUAS MapServer 3.20.0609 beta1 released!

Hi folks,
I am happy to release the new version of SUAS here.
3.20.0609 beta1 has the following new features:

1,totally new interface, better user capabilities, easily to operate and understand.

Process Bar, SRS layer notice, and new menu

2. X3D and KML support, you can build you 3D city map on google Earth


New Version of SUAS will support X3D and KML 3D model !

Next week new version of SUAS will be released. New features such as X3D and KML supporting in Google Earth will not let you down. You can easily build your 3D city map in Google Earth or in Vrml/X3D 3D viewer.

Here is one snapshot, I am looking for some city data for the demonstration. If you have some data in shapefile or mif format, and the data is free, please contact me, thx!


Of course, SUAS will have some other new features.


New Feature 3D Navigation, SUAS MapServer 3.12.0513 beta1 released!

Hi, folks,
Maybe you have been waiting for this version for a long time. Everyday I fixed the bugs, and created new bugs. But I am pleasure to release new version here everytime, let us see which new feature has been added in SUAS.


From 2D to 3D City, 3D New Feature! Easily to use!

Hi, folkers,
Good news!
Today I finished 3D Feature for SUAS. Now you can easily build your 3D city from your 2D data, just set elevation from each layer.
Here is some snapshot!

Flat 2D image:

3D map overview:

3D map fly:



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