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Route-Me: iOS map library

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Route-Me: iOS map library

Route-Me is an open source map library that runs natively on iOS. It's designed to look and feel much like the inbuilt iOS map library, but it's entirely open, and works with any map source.

Currently, OpenStreetMap, Microsoft VirtualEarth, CloudMade, OpenAerialMap, OpenCycleMap, SpatialCloud, TileStream7, and two offline-capable, database-backed formats (DBMap and MBTiles) are supported as map sources.

(T)Android - Driving Direction (Route Path)

The DrivingDirection package ( is
removed since Android SDK 1.1. However, in this article, you will leanr
how to adopt driving direction function in
MapView object without the DrivingDirection package.

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Get boundary coodinate from Google static map

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We can use the following url to create one static google map image:
"" + lat + "," + lng + "&format="
+ format + "&zoom=" + zoom + "&size=" + width + "x" + height + "&key=" + apiKey;

How could know the boundary coordinate information of this image?
What we know:
1. center latitude/longitude point where map centered on
2. map image's total pixel width/height
3. map zoom level.

EPSG:4326(WGS84) WMS in Openlayers and EPSG:900913 Google Map

In SUAS Map Server I used Openlayers to display WMS layers in EPSG:4326 SRS with Google Map, I found the WMS overlays are always be transformed, now i kown the reason. EPSG:4326 != EPSG:900913

JavaScript Prototype Library Make Google Maps Easily by GPlotter

No JavaScript programming, only need copying and a little compiling with XML data, you can also create your own Google Map. Work with JavaScript Prototype LibraryGPlotter can let you create Google Map in sevral lines of code, without any javascript knowledge.

"GPlotter is a Javascript object which provides a simple interface to plot
markers onto Google Maps using a simple XML file. The interface allows the user

Overlaying Google Map with MapInfo point data using Map2GMap

For MapInfo Professional a small MapBasic application called Map2GMap (right-click for download) has been programmed which generates a complete HTML page which integrates Google's Map object overlayed with point data from a MapInfo table. By clicking on a marker an info window pops up displaying attribute information gained from the objects in the table.

Prof. Behr has brought us this software 2 years ago, but I just got to know this morning. I think more people could need it. What you need is install this plugin in MapInfo and apply for a Google map key for your website and output the fully html file. The html containing the points geometries and javascript code for controlling. Copy the html file to your website and view.

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