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giMapper, an alternative open source project MapServer

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The geographical information web Mapper, giMapper, has been developed as an alternative to the well established open source project MapServer. It uses Shapefiles as data source to display the map, your system requirement are only listed as below:HTML, javascript, PHP (v4.3+) and GD (v1.6+), without Database and other software. Of cource, using Shapefiles a datasource directly means the toolkit reads and parses the data at first and then draw the vector data through PHP GD function, just like UMN Mapserver has done. But this way is not efficient, unless your server side is programmed with C++. It is an embarrassed task for PHP, exactly to say.

But giMapper has its reason to do that: "We needed a way of browsing a UK map which had hot spots identifying particular places or people. The project started to use MapServer but it soon became evident that to use MapServer in the final application would require access to the server's root for installation and configuration - something we did not have." OK, the toolkit points to the users, who have not their own host server and the Server does not support Database, or installation of other software(such as UMN MapServer). I am lucky, my server support Database at least :)

The toolkit includes Server side and map browser client. You should know, giMapper is not based on OGC WMS standard, but i can publish map well.

Some of the features of giMapper :

WebGIS-China - Interactive maps, data and diagrams about China Recent Climate Change

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I found one WebGIS application for china recent climate change here,, some scholars from Gutenberg University did that. The website assesses recent Climate Change in China over the past 50 years. " Well-adopted statistical methods of trend computations that are commonly applied for climatic change studies were applied for this study based on monthly temperature records over the 50 year observation period 1951 - 2000 for totally 165 main meteorological stations. The reference stations are located all over China though they are preferably distributed over the eastern part of the country."

Combine PDF with GIS?

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Is there some relationship between PDF and GIS? As I thought before, it is enough to display the map using PDF. Interaction with PDF? Just like SVG, Flash, or Ajax? Interesting but impossible. But GeoPDF from Terragotech has broken the embarrass.
You need download one small plugin for Arcobat PDF reader, it is free.
The GeoPDF Toolbar allows you to view multiple coordinate display, re-project to most coordinate systems, measure distance and bearing, zoom to any coordinate, and connect to GPS and track. Here you can view some demo how to use it.

Overlaying Google Map with MapInfo point data using Map2GMap

For MapInfo Professional a small MapBasic application called Map2GMap (right-click for download) has been programmed which generates a complete HTML page which integrates Google's Map object overlayed with point data from a MapInfo table. By clicking on a marker an info window pops up displaying attribute information gained from the objects in the table.

Prof. Behr has brought us this software 2 years ago, but I just got to know this morning. I think more people could need it. What you need is install this plugin in MapInfo and apply for a Google map key for your website and output the fully html file. The html containing the points geometries and javascript code for controlling. Copy the html file to your website and view.

CartoWeb--Powerful Open Source WebGIS Toolkit

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CartoWeb is a comprehensive and ready-to-use Web-GIS (Geographical Information System) as well as a convenient framework for building advanced and customized applications.
Developed by Camptocamp SA, it is based on the UMN MapServer engine and is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
Written using innovative language PHP5, CartoWeb is highly modular and customizable thanks to its object-oriented architecture. It runs evenly on Windows or Unix-like platforms and shows its real power when associated to PostgreSQL/PostGIS. CartoWeb support many functions which PHPMyWMS hasnt and plan to have. I must confess, CartoWeb is a pretty good WebGIS toolkit, it has realize many idea of mine, for example:
1, modular structure so that user can develop plugin for it, routing........

Mapbender--One amazing Webmap Client

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Mapbender is an Open Source Geospatial Foundation project and it is a powerful Webmap client. The users can zoom in, out, pan, click and query, turn layers on and off or add more cascade maps to overlap the existing map. You can also add new points to the map with the flag button, all Mapbender operators are invited to do so. There are many different possibilities to make use of maps, see some more examples in the Mapbender Gallery if you have interest.


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