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svg2svgtconverter, one small interesting tool for converting SVG to SVGT

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Yesterday I downloaded the Nokia S60 Platform SDKs for Symbian OS( for Java), from Nokia offical website. The version is 3rd edition, the newest SDK for developping J2ME. After the installation, I found one directory named S60Tools in the toolkit and there is one install file inside.
That is svg2svgtconverter.exe, you can easily know what kind of this software is from its name. Of course I installed it for testing,  only 1.85 Mb.

Generate SVG from Oracle Spatial data(T)

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Generate SVG from Oracle Spatial data

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If you're already storing geometric data in Oracle, you can view it in a browser without needing extra software.

Oracle Spatial is an integrated set of functions, data structures, and tables that aid in storing and retrieving spatial data. That data describes shapes and their geometric relationships in two-dimensional, three-dimensional, or four-dimensional space.

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