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1. The Client could be installed via USB cable, Bluetooth or IRDA to the device. Download the file Moblie_WMSClient1.xxS60.jar or Moblie_WMSClient1.xx.jar from the Forum. Some devices also need the archive description which is in the additional file Moblie_WMSClient1.xxS60.jad or Moblie_WMSClient1.xx.jad. You had better download both of the files.

 2. Open the WAP site /sites/default/files/File/projects/mowms/WAP.htm on your mobile phone, then select the download link.


After downloading the client to you mobile phone, you could find 2 files in your install dictionary, install it:

And in your applicaition explorer you will find MoWMS client, open it:


Now is WMS server List, you can edit one existing WMS:


Or add a new WMS, the Server URL should be the form of GetCapabilities Requst, like this:


Or delete one old WMS server:


Ok, let's test the WMS, choose one server to connect:


The server status and content type information is displaying. Please input your interesting point coordinate and the scale:(This interface will be update to tell the user the coordinate range in the next version).


After few seconds you can select the Coordinate Reference System and the corresponding layers name, notice that, please select only the layers name with the same CRS name as you selected .


Select the image format and go on, if SVG(T) was selected, SVG Viewer will be displayed:

You can move, zoom and set original view of the map:




If PNG raster image format was selected, Raster Image View will be displayed, you can also zoom or move the map.