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Overlaying Google Map with MapInfo point data using Map2GMap

For MapInfo Professional a small MapBasic application called Map2GMap (right-click for download) has been programmed which generates a complete HTML page which integrates Google's Map object overlayed with point data from a MapInfo table. By clicking on a marker an info window pops up displaying attribute information gained from the objects in the table.

Prof. Behr has brought us this software 2 years ago, but I just got to know this morning. I think more people could need it. What you need is install this plugin in MapInfo and apply for a Google map key for your website and output the fully html file. The html containing the points geometries and javascript code for controlling. Copy the html file to your website and view.

Here is the steps:
- Open  table data in a mapper window of MI
- There should be point data!
- Assure that the projection is lat / long (only this projection is
supported by Google maps)
- start map2gmap.mbx
- select the menu "Create HTML page...

Here are the outputted html examples:

Now the Map2Gmap only support Points, Polylines and Polygons are not yet supported by Map2GMap. But Prof. Behr seemed stop developping it further. If you like to extend it, you can download the source code here:


In Map2GMap, polylines and polygons are since March 6, 2007, also supported. The output is created for Google Maps version 2.

its realy good thank you....

I could not get the Google Map in MapInfo Mapper to integrate point data in MapInfo with Google Maps. Pls help me by sending the details step