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Microsoft released JScript Hotfix to improve Ajax Web Performence

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You may experience slow Web browser performance when you view a Web page that uses JScript in Internet Explorer 6 on a Windows Server 2003-based computer or on a Windows XP-based computer.  And Microsoft has released JScript Hotfix to improve Ajax Web Performence.
Yes, I like Ajax Web 2.0 but I can not tolerant the slowly loading speed if there are many JS GUI in the web page.  Microsoft explained the reason:

This problem may occur if a script creates many variables at the same
time. This problem may also occur when a script contains many unique
values that are parsed at the same time. This problem occurs because of
the way that the JScript engine performs garbage collection.
The garbage collection algorithm monitors the following values:

The number of variable allocations in the script
The number of literal values that are used in the script
The total size of the string values that are allocated in the script

thresholds for these values are exceeded, garbage collection occurs.
The garbage collection process interrupts scripts that are running.
Therefore, those running scripts are suspended until garbage collection
is completed.

 Ok, you can download this Hotfix here: to solve this problem.
This hotfix package includes an improved JScript garbage collector.
This improved garbage collector is included with Windows Script 5.7 and
with Windows Vista. This new garbage collector can significantly
improve the performance of applications that create many objects, such
as Ajax-style Web applications. These performance improvements are now
available to users of Windows Script 5.6. This hotfix provides
improvements over hotfix 919237.