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Page Loading: Animated Progress Indicators (T)

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If you’re developing AJAX features, or if your database driven web
site requires a few seconds to grab some information, you need some
kind of visual clue, letting your users know that they will have to
wait while something is happening. Right?


J2ME Application Icon sizes for Devices (T)

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Wondering about correct size of application icons for mobile devices?

Here is the list :-)

Application Icon sizes
From J2me wiki

Many phones use many different size icons to display next to the
applications name. Please add to and edit this list when you can
confirm exactly what the maximum icon size is for a specific phone.

Use WMS GetCapabilities XML+XSL+Javascript to create simple map client

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The Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) includes both a transformation language and a formatting language. Each of these, naturally enough, is an XML application. The transformation language provides elements that define rules for how one XML document is transformed into another XML document.
The transformed XML document may use the markup and DTD of the original document, or it may use a completely different set of elements. In particular, it may use the elements defined by the second part of XSL, the formatting objects.

Quickly to log your code with log4j in 3 minutes

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If you are one lazy programmer like me and have no time to read the document of log4j but still want to use log4j, try to read the following.

At least you'd better know that log4j is one tools to help you debug and log what happened with your code, anywhere and anywhen. I was used to use System.out.println() to debug my code, and I have written one function to do that:

Integrate J2ME Mobile Clients into Web Service 2 -- Create Web Service and J2EE Client

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2 Create Web Service

2.1 Create Web Service Project

Enter the %AXIS2_HOME%/samples (Here is D:\ProgramFiles\axis2\samples) , there are many Web Service good example here. If you are not clear about how to create one Web Service from nothing, just like me, those examples are good turorials. Now I will use one and modify it to be our first Web Service.

Integrate J2ME Mobile Clients into Web Service 1 -- Install Web Service

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In this post I will build one Web Service with Axis2, and write one J2ME application as one Web Service client. We will know how Web Service works with mobile client.

Strange Exceptions when Compiling Code and Solutions in J2ME Polish (updated often)

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During the J2ME development with J2ME Polish, sometimes I met some strange exception when I debugged or compiled the codes. In this post I will write down them all and the according solution(if I have Tongue out), so this post will be updated frequently.

How to send cross site request in Ajax?

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Cross site or not?

If you are Ajax programmer, and you want get some data from other site(with different domain), you will get such similar exception message in browser:
Error: uncaught exception: Permission denied to call method

Microsoft released JScript Hotfix to improve Ajax Web Performence

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You may experience slow Web browser performance when you view a Web page that uses JScript in Internet Explorer 6 on a Windows Server 2003-based computer or on a Windows XP-based computer.  And Microsoft has released JScript Hotfix to improve Ajax Web Performence.
Yes, I like Ajax Web 2.0 but I can not tolerant the slowly loading speed if there are many JS GUI in the web page.  Microsoft explained the reason:


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